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Q1 2020

Nonprofit Technology Today

2020 Vision: Nonprofit Tech Trends and Opportunities for the New Year
by Mark Becker, Founding Partner, Cathexis Partners

Around this time each year, I typically write an article about nonprofit technology trends to watch in the coming year. But this year, I have a slightly different perspective.

Many of the trends I recommended watching in 2019 have evolved, and some are now necessary elements of a successful organization’s processes and plans. So instead of just looking at trends, let’s also consider opportunities for your nonprofit in 2020. Check out my recent blog post for trends and opportunities that are worth a close look in 2020.

Ask the Expert

Q: How can our nonprofit move from “blast” to more targeted emails for our peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns?
A: by Jon Reich, Partner, Cathexis Partners

It’s great that you’re thinking along these lines. Targeting your peer-to-peer fundraising communications will make them more compelling and ultimately more effective. Here are four things to think about:

  • Audience creation. To send targeted communications, you first need to be able to create accurate target lists. Make every effort possible to maintain a clean data environment and create custom audiences.
  • Recruitment emails. Creating email audiences based on actions such as past participation, past team membership, and past fundraising allows you to send targeted messages like an early announcement email to past team captains, inviting them to register and reclaim their teams for your current campaign. Sending targeted communications like these helps foster a sense of importance in constituents as they receive “insider” information.
  • Fundraising/coaching emails. Instead of sending general emails to all participants, limit communication to specific sub-sections of registrants and focus calls to action on raising more funds overall. For example, send an email exclusively to participants who haven’t updated their personal fundraising pages; include examples of constituents who have done so, and steps on how to upload their own image and story.
  • Communication automation. Work toward automating email communications so you have more time to focus on optimizing other aspects of your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Just imagine the time savings if you can schedule and send peer-to-peer emails automatically after participants register, receive a donation, or post to social media.
For more tips, read the blog article, Target Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Email Communications for Better Results.

Recent Project Launches

Congratulations to our clients on these recent launches:



Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum
February 26-28, 2020; Austin
Cathexis Partners will be attending this annual gathering of peer-to-peer fundraising professionals.


March 24-26, 2020; Baltimore
Cathexis Partners will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this can’t-miss technology event for the nonprofit sector.


March 29-31, 2020; Baltimore
Cathexis Partners will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this event, the world’s largest for fundraising professionals.



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